Bless Your Neighbor,

              Bless Your Community,

                                Bless Your World

At Victory Fellowship Church, when we connect with folks outside these church walls, we recognize that we are Christs Ambassador. We have an opportunity to share the love of Jesus in our neighborhoods, our communities, and the world. As a group, we seek to use our gifts and talents in our neighborhood and community by reaching out to folks who may need an occasional hand with chores such as painting, yard work or minor repairs. On a weekly basis, we have a team who hits the streets of Fulton, sharing Jesus and the salvation message. Monthly, we visit a local nursing home and share the good news of the Lord, giving encouragement to our confined elderly and those rehabilitating. And every year, our Missions Team organizes activities such as Fall HopeFest, Kids Against Hunger, and trips to Haiti.

If you are interested in any of these activities, please click the link below:

              Fishers of Men (Evangelism)

              Nursing Home Ministry

              Missions Team (local and world-wide)

If you